Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Thanksgiving Week!

Wow, where has the month gone!  Time does seem to be flying by doesn't it!?!

Stitching has been minimal lately.  I am working on my grandbabies' first Christmas Ornaments but not sharing pictures of those yet.  Also I have been working on a couple of Prairie Schooler WIP hoping to finish them this year.  My Crazy January Challenge pieces have been put aside for now.  I will be content with the 9 finishes that I have on that challenge for the year.  Wanted to finish more but it's not going to happen.  Besides I have finished other pieces other than the Challenge pieces this year so that counts for something!

My family celebrated Thanksgiving this past Saturday!  It was such an enjoyable day full of good food and family!  My oldest daughter has to work on Thanksgiving Day this year so that was the reason for the early celebration.  Unfortunately my husband could not be at home for the celebration. His uncle passed away unexpectedly and the funeral was on Saturday, so my husband decided that we should all carry on with Thanksgiving as planned and he traveled to the funeral.  Not the ideal solution but the only one possible for the situation. 

We were lucky to have been able to attend a family reunion just a month ago centered around this uncle and aunt.  It was a special time with family which we don't see for years at a time.  How lucky we were to see him one last time before his death.  Here's a picture of our family gathering! 

Family Reunion October 2011
 It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and a great time with extended family; a time for  reconnection and the telling of stories of family members gone but remembered.  A blessed day...