Saturday, April 21, 2012


Can't believe how much time has passed since my last post!  I have been busy these last few weeks and not much stitching has been accomplished as you can tell from my TUSAL picture...


On March 30th we made a trip to see my oldest daughter.  She lives about 4 hours away from us. It was time for her 20 week ultrasound and we got to go with her and her husband to the's a boy!!  The baby is healthy and boy was he kicking and moving around when they did the ultrasound!  This will be my first grandson and I have had so much fun shopping for him!  Cannot wait for August when he is due!

My daughter, being pregnant, has not been able to ride her horse and it seemed silly to continue to pay for boarding at the barn so we offered for her horse to be moved to our house until she can ride again.  So on March 31st we trailered her horse to our house.  She drove the truck and trailer and I rode shot-gun and my husband and son-in-law followed in my daughter's vehicle.  I need to get some pictures of her horse to show but haven't done so yet.

When we got home we unloaded the horse into her own field until my horses get use to having a new friend. Then I went to work preparing dinner for my family.  We celebrated Easter a week early this year since everyone was home for the weekend!

The girls enjoyed their Easter Baskets from Grandma and Grandpa!

The next day was Sunday April 1st and my oldest granddaughter's First Birthday!! She was so adorable opening her presents, of course after opening the first two gifts she only wanted the tissue paper and her mom had to finish opening gifts for her!

Next there was the cake!

What's that Mom?

Yummm! Marshmellows!

3 Happy Babies!
Since then I have been busy weeding flower beds, taking care of horses and planting a few the end of the day I don't have enough energy left to stitch. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the outside   chores will be caught up and I will get back to stitching.

Until then.....

Blessings and Happy Stitching!