Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Progress and A New Start!

Thanks to everyone that commented about my sweet new granddaughter! She is doing great, nursing well and teaching her parents that they really don't need all that much sleep! It is so much fun to watch the new parents as they learn how to take care of baby's needs! They make great parents!

On the stitching front, I have managed to put in a few stitches.

LHN 'Virtue Sampler' is coming along nicely. This is where I am after last week's stitching. I just love that red house! I am hoping to finish this one by the end of the month. There really isn't that much left to stitch, a couple of flowers, the hill, alphabet and bottom border. It should work up quickly.

Next up is a new start! A birth sampler 'Gabrielle Rose' by La-D-Da. This one also should stitch up quickly. I promised myself that I will definitely get it done before she is ready for college! (Know what I mean? Does anyone else have any of those kind of WIPs hidden away somewhere?)

I love the colors in this one. It was so hard to pick out a sampler pattern. I love the really cute baby sampler patterns out there but I wanted something that she would be proud to display even when she is older. This one fit the bill nicely.

On the crocheting front, I have been asked to make another baby blanket! This one will be done in dark lavender color baby yarn. I haven't started it yet but will soon. That baby is due the end of May so I have a little time. There must be something in the water around here with all of these little babies due this Spring!

Well I will close with a sweet picture of my precious little granddaughter taken on homecoming day!

Isn't she an angel?! I am in love!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching!


Vonna said...

LHN's Virtue Sampler is so cute and your coming right along!
I absolutely LOVE that birth much I've considered doing four for my kids...then I found my mind again :)

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching!! Of course, it's eclipsed by the beauty of your granddaughter. She is precious! I am sure she'll treasure the birth sampler you're doing for her. I did that for one of my nieces for the same reason that you stated--so that she could display it now and when she's older--it's a timeless design.

Sarah said...

Oh she is so precious and the sampler will be treasured forever. Lovely stitching too.

Lynn said...

Wonderful progress on Virtue! Thanks for sharing the baby sampler. I've been looking for something a little different to stitch for my cousin's firt baby. This one might just fill the bill.
Your granddaughter is definitely a sweetheart!

Margaret said...

Oh your granddaughter is so cute! Congratulations! You can see the personality in her face! Love your LHN piece! And that birth sampler is a great choice!

Pumpkin said...

VS is looking lovely.

I think that is a perfect choice for a birth sampler! The colors are so soft and delicate.

Your GD is so sweet :o) Congrats Nancy!