Friday, June 10, 2011

A Crazy Finish, Some Progress and New Stash!!!

Cannot believe that we are 10 days in to June already! It has been busy around my house these days. I have been babysitting my 9 week old granddaughter while her mom is finishing out the school year. I am having so much fun with her but boy had I forgotten what it is like to take care of a little one! Let me tell you, she is keeping me busy! By the time I get home in the evening I don't have a lot of energy left to get my chores done. But as I said, I am having so much fun taking care of her. She is such a good baby!

I have managed to get some stitching done during naptimes and a little more stitching in the evenings after dinner.

First up is my 2nd Crazy January Challenge finish for the year!

Natures Beauty by Little House Needlework
28ct. evenweave with DMC threads

Next up is a progress picture on a new start! I am loving working on this one, the colors are so pretty and it is moving along so fast!

As the Crow Flies by The Prairie Schooler
28 count lambswool linen using DMC threads

I am also crocheting a little afghan for a cousins new baby! It is really for the cousin's daughter's baby, guess that will make the baby my 3rd cousin. The yarn is so soft, just perfect for a little one!

Now to show you my new stash! I saw a finish on Myra's blog and just had to order the design and well...a few others jumped in that order too!

Barbara Ana Designs

I had never seen designs by this designer before and they are so cute I just had to have a few!

Well that is all I have for now. With two more weeks of babysitting I don't think there will be very much time for stitching but I will be visiting and reading all your blogs and commenting when I can!

I also want to thank those of you who visit and those who comment on my blog posts! It puts a smile on my face when I get your comments and see new followers added!

Until next time...blessings to you and happy stitching!


natalyK said...

I love your finish! Your WIP is coming along but the baby blanket is Oh so precious. Enjoy your new stash!

Catherine said...

Love your stitches and sweet blanket!! Enjoy all that new stash!

Margaret said...

Glad you've been having fun with your Granddaughter! Love your finish! I love your PS too -- it's a pretty one. Nice afghan too! Great stash as well!

Teresa said...

How fun your days are watching a little one.
Love your finished Nature's Beauty.
Looks like fun stash. I have the the thanksgiving biscornu but haven't started it yet.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lynn said...

Your Nature's Beauty finish is fabulous! It looks like we have similar tastes when it comes to stitching. I have stitches this one and have the PS one in my stash. It looks great too!
I also have several of the Barbara Ana designs. I think they're adorable!

mdgtjulie said...

Sounds like fun, you get to play almost all day then, lol. What a nice thing to do!! Love your baby blanket. And I really like the red barn on your new start! Grats on the finish!

Lesleyanne said...

Nature's Beauty is a gorgeous finish. Love your new PS start. The blanket is gorgeous too. Have fun with your granddaughter.

Angela P said...

Congrats on the Nature's Beauty finish, it's one design I would love to stitch this year too :) Love the new PS project as well!

Parsley said...

You've had some very busy fingers! Oh and STASH...don't you just love having some fun patterns to look forward to? My newbies are on the way and I can't wait to show everyone.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your latest finish! I don't remember that pattern. Beautiful job :o)

Love your new WIP.

Look at the stash! Good for you. We need a treat ourselves once in awhile ;o)

BrendaS said...

Very nice LHN finish and your PS start is very pretty too. Love the colors in that one.

Great stash. Have fun with your granddaughter:))

Suzanne said...

Very nice stitching and lovely crocheting on the baby blanket.

DJ said...

Oh...what fun it is to take care of a baby, I'm jealous! I'm sure you are enjoying every minute! It does put a crimp in your stitching time though, doesn't it? But your finish is amazing! And so is "As the Crow Flies"! The afghan is a beauty are one talented lady! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, you made my day! *Hugs*

Carol said...

Nature's Beauty is wonderful, Nancy--I've stitched it also and it is one of my favorites... Looks like you found some great stash, too... Hope you get a bit of stitching time in between your babysitting hours:)

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish!! It's beautiful. Love the new stash, and the crocheting is beautiful! I can't wait to see more pics of your PS--I love that design.

Myra said...

Wonderful finish Nancy. I am glad I could "enable" you with that Barbara Ana design - some of her stuff is just so darn cute. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Patty C. said...

I am totally liking Nature's Beauty by LHN - What lovely work !!!!